TEDx Billboard

Client: TEDx Tegucigalpa

TEDx WOMEN SPEAKERS: TED is an annual event that serves as a platform to spread ideas through short speeches called TED Talks, whereas TEDx are independently organized local TED-like events, operating under official TED license, with the purpose of sharing ideas from around the world. There have been more than 1,500 TEDx events executed in more that 60 countries. TEDxTegucigalpa has had 4 events organized in Honduras since 2011, showing videos of previous foreign TED Talks and inviting speakers to give conferences to national and international guests. 2016 will present an important turning point in TEDxTegucigalpa, since this year, for the first time, we’re following the TEDxWomen format. This specific event differentiates itself by only having women doing the talks; this special license is only given for a specific date in order to create a movement of global impact. One of our biggest problems has been calling women to participate on stage, in spite of us having identified various leading women helping greatly in the development of the country. This is the perfect opportunity to let people know the work Honduran women are doing for their country and to let their voices be heard both locally and globally